26 Jun 2014

ENERGY STAR Television 7.0 Specification Development

The ENERGY STAR TV 7.0 specification development process is now underway (see and the EPA has proposed a new

29 Apr 2014

RVU Alliance Launches Certification Program for 4K Devices and Expands Membership Roster

The RVU Alliance today announced a major feature expansion with the launch of the RVU Certification program for Ultra High Definition devices, along with a significant expansion of the RVU membership roster.

06 Jan 2014

RVU Alliance Advances to Next Generation with Cloud UI Support

The RVU Alliance announced today the expansion of the RVU standard into the cloud. The first products supporting the new RVU 2.0 specification will roll out in the first quarter of 2014, with demonstrations at CES 2014.

06 Jan 2014

Toshiba Unveils Expansive 2014 Ultra HD TV Lineup with First-Ever Radiance 4K Full Array LED Panel

At CES 2014, Toshiba’s Digital Products Division (DPD), a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., announced its 2014 4K Ultra HD TV offerings. The all new Series of Ultra HD TVs deliver an unmatched entertainment experience, with models incorporating RVU technology.

06 Jan 2014

At CES 2014, Samsung Electronics Announces UHD Ecosystem Expansion with Global Content Partners

Samsung Electronics today announced at the 2014 International CES that it would further expand its UHD ecosystem by working with global content partners to help accelerate consumer adoption and access to UHD content.

05 Feb 2013

RVU Ported to Sony PS3 & Bravia TVs

At CES 2013, the RVU alliance announced, along with its expansion to DIRECTV holdings in Latin America, that DIRECTV RVU clients will be coming to Sony PlayStation 3s and new BRAVIA TVs during 2013.

24 Jan 2013

DIRECTV Welcomes More CE Clients for its Whole-Home DVR

Consumer response has been overwhelmingly positive for the next generation of whole-home DVR that DIRECTV introduced to consumers across the U.S. in October.

09 Jan 2013

DLNA® Announces Service Providers Deploying Services Using DLNA Premium Content Guidelines

DLNA recognizes RVU as part of the DLNA Premium Content Guidlines.

07 Jan 2013

CES 2013: Samsung Announces Smart TVs

Samsung took the stage at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show, and swept it away with big announcements at this year’s event.

The South Korean company announced it would be launching a new line of Smart TVs that will support a Remote User Interface technology that could behave as a client to the DIRECTV Server.

07 Jan 2013

Next Generation RVU Specification Is Now Available

The RVU Alliance, which develops and promotes the RVU® Remote User Interface (RUI) standard, announced today that the next generation of the RVU specification is now approved and available to existing and new RVU Alliance members. The RVU 2.0 specification provides a major update to the Remote User Interface (RUI) standard, adding vector graphics commands, which further improve the performance and enhance the capabilities of RVU clients.